About Me


  • I’m 26, and a mother to a sassy little girl named August. She’s 7 going on 16.
  • I basically hit reset on my life recently. I’m in a new city, making fun memories with my daughter and friends, and going to college! If you wanna see my adventures, feel free to follow me on instagram @kellyxrubio 🙂
  • Obsessed with traveling to new places + seeing new things. I love to take photos and the main reason I started this blog is to share them with others. Some places I am dying to see are Japan and Italy.
  • Art lover. My favorite artist is Andy Warhol. I am into modern, contemporary, and street art. I’m a big Banksy fan. And I love checking out art museums in new cities I go to.
  • Major foodie. I love going out to new restaurants and trying new dishes. My favorite cuisine is Japanese. I’m a sucker for sashimi dishes, bowls, and mochi. I also do this weird thing where I try pizza in every city/country I go to.
  • Music is a huge inspiration of mine, everything from Interpol to Lana Del Rey. My favorite songs are ‘Leif Erikson’ by Interpol, ‘The Suburbs’ by Arcade Fire, and ‘Born To Die’ by Lana Del Rey.

Follow me on Instagram: @kellyxrubio and Pinterest: @elyserxx