Stress-free Swimsuit Shopping Tips

SUMMER IS APPROACHING. If you are anything like me, maybe you get a little anxiety when it comes to finding a swimsuit that flatters your body type. Here are some tips to ease the struggle:

  1. Plan enough time to browse. If you are rushing to find a swimsuit, chances are you will be a little on edge, and it can affect your mood and how you perceive yourself. Or, you’ll pick a mediocre one just to get it out of the way. So, show up early, and leisurely find a style that suits you.
  2. Try to find a swimsuit in a brick and mortar store rather than online. It’s tricky to tell if something you order online will actually look flattering in person. You have to take into account certain things like “Will my boobs have enough support in this top? Does this style squeeze my butt into looking like a pancake? Am I really comfortable with the placement of this cut out?”
  3. Remember the lighting of the dressing room is extremely unflattering! Chances are you won’t be wearing your bathing suit indoors, instead you’ll be laying in the sun or getting in the pool. You’ll be glowing like the goddess you are. You won’t have a spotlight on your cellulite.
  4. Highlight your favorite feature! Do you love your butt? Find a cheeky bottom style to show it off. Long legs? A high-cut one piece will look fantastic on you. It’s all about what you feel most comfortable in.
  5. Remember that bathing suits tend to expand when they get wet, so consider downsizing.
  6. Any BODY can wear whatever they want, but if you want some suggestions on styles that will flatter your specific body type, here are some hot styles:

Small bust: A bikini top with some frills or ruffles can give you the illusion of a fuller chest. Also, padded cups can give you extra oomph. Try this option from PacSun:

Large bust: Don’t even bother with a string bikini top (unless you don’t mind the lack of support). If you usually wear an underwire bra, chances are you’ll love the swimsuit tops with the added wire for support or lift. Also, styles with thick straps can be great for larger busts as well. This one piece style from ASOS has underwire in it:

Flat butt: Ruched swimsuit bottoms are extremely flattering for women who are lacking in the booty department. Also, trying to cover up your butt isn’t actually doing you any favors. Picking a cheeky bottom can give the illusion of a bigger butt. This ruched bottom from PINK is super cute:

Big butt: Perhaps regular bikini bottoms can be a little too revealing for your taste, or can cause a wedgie. Instead try to find a bottom or one piece with more coverage. If you want to show off your curves, a high cut one piece looks amazing on curvy women.  This PINK  one is a great option for those who would like more coverage on the bottom:

Love handles: This one is easy. A high waist swimsuit easily hides your love handles, and gives the illusion of a smaller waist. I’m dying over this high waist floral option from ASOS.

Short legs: A high cut one piece or a thong bikini bottom will elongate your legs to supermodel status. This high cut one piece from Free People gives the illusion of longer legs:

Pregnant: Tankinis are your best friend! Super comfortable, and easy off and on. ASOS has a super cool maternity line, I love this one :

Remember, rock what you got and be proud of your body! Happy swimsuit hunting! *flat lay photo at the top is found on Pinterest*

P.S. I found this super cute one piece from PacSun:

And I think it’s safe to say I felt very confident in it (and it held my boobs in, and didn’t squeeze my butt flat!)


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