Lash Extensions: A Girl’s Best Friend

I recently decided to get my lashes done for my 26th birthday here in Austin! I have lots of experience with extensions, previously I was getting them done in Mexico. I did some research and found a lash specialist, Linh Campbell, in Cedar Park outside of Austin. She managed to book me last minute for the weekend (she’s swamped!).

She uses MINK lashes, which look more natural than the shiny synthetic kind, and they feel weightless on the eye. You can pick from 2D (a natural style, that is great for women with already nice lashes, but are looking for a little more length), 3D (perfect for natural volume and added length), and the Russian volume (for full-on glamour and luscious volume). I chose the mink lashes in the 3D style, with a nice curl. The process was relatively quick, about an hour. And not once did my eyes burn or become irritated. I didn’t even feel the application. * The process should not be painful! If it is, they are doing something wrong *

After she was done applying the lashes, she gave me instructions on how to care for them. No oil products on the lash line, avoid wearing mascara on them (which, lets face it, is easy to do when they look glamorous already!), and brush them with a lash comb to keep them looking perfect and neat. I mean look at that volume:

I walked out of the salon feeling super confident, and I love that I don’t have to mess with mascara or false lashes anymore. And they definitely improve the quality of my selfies, lol. The cost for the 3D mink lashes is $180, and follow up appointments are $70. 

Here is what they looked like immediately after, with no product (excuse the Snapchat filter): 

Below is a no mascara/liner selfie after a week of having the extensions:

 Here’s another photo for consideration (bad quality, I apologize!): 

P.S. Linh is super sweet and warm, and makes you feel comfortable during the entire application! I will definitely be heading back for my lash touch-up later this month! Check out her website here if you are in the Austin area and want to feel fabulous!



4 thoughts on “Lash Extensions: A Girl’s Best Friend

  1. Your lashes look beautiful! I’ve been thinking about getting them for my 27th birthday. It’ll be my first time so I’ve been researching but your post has definitely made me want to get them for sure! x

    Valerie //

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