Lana Del Rey: A New Era

For those of you who don’t know me, I am obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I have “born to die” tattooed on my hand, I traveled to Chicago to see her in concert one year, and her lyrics could describe my life to a tee. So naturally, I was stoked to see she finally released a new song!

Her latest song “Love” is a beautiful anthem dedicated to youth and love. The video is gorgeous, with a vintage vibe and young lovers floating through the galaxy. A notable thing to mention: she smiles!
See the beauty for yourself, you can watch it here.

“You get ready, you get all dressed up

To go nowhere in particular

Back to work or the coffee shop

Doesn’t matter cause it’s enough

To be young and in love

To be young and in love”

If this is what her new album is going to sound like, I am beyond excited! Who else is ready to hear more new music from Lana?



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