LUSH Mini Haul 

For 2017, I am putting self-care at the top of my list. It’s important to take time to relax in some way such as meditation, yoga, journaling, or a bubble bath. My favorite way to unwind is with a nice Jacuzzi bath surrounded by candles and music that calms me. I stopped by my local LUSH for some bath & skincare products. 

  • Gorgeous moisturizer, which has fruits such as pineapple and lemon in it, and it leaves my skin looking radiant. By the way, my skin type is normal, but it gets dry if I skip my moisturizer. I don’t ever have oily skin, so I love very moisturizing products.
  • Let The Good Times Roll  is a wonderfully scented face or body cleanser that has popcorn in it!
  • Rose Jam  is a pink shower gel that contains argan oil for super soft skin.
  • It´s Raining Men is a honey shower gel that is recommended for sensitive skin. My daughter loves this one.
  • Rub Rub Rub  (on the left) is an exfoliating bar with sea salt in it to gently scrub away dead skin.

The bath bombs I originally wanted were sold out at the location I went to. It´s the only LUSH in the entire city of Guadalajara and it just opened. Instead, I bought these:

  • Twilight is the purple and white bath bomb with stars, and it has lavender in it to soothe the body and prepare you for a good nights sleep. The water turns pink and purple, and smells heavenly.
  • Big Blue is the blue and white bath bomb which has sea salt and seaweed for relaxing your muscles. It turns the water a beautiful blue shade.
  • Tisty Tosty is a heart shaped bath bomb with whole rosebuds inside. It smells like jasmine and it´s the most romantic bath bomb to share with your bf/gf/wife/husband.
  • The Comforter is a pink and white swirled bubble bar that fills your tub with pink water and fluffy bubbles.
  • A French Kiss  is another bubble bar thats infused with lavender to ensure a peaceful mind and sleep.
  • Golden Wonder (not pictured cause my daughter used it lol) was the coolest bath bomb. It’s shaped like a gift, and has gold glitter in it. Once it dissolved a bit more, little multicolored balls came out to dissolve as well. A nice surprise!

Below are some of my favorite bath bomb photos:

Golden Wonder once dissolved, with specs of golden shimmer

the surprise that comes inside Golden Wonder 🙂


What LUSH products should I buy next? Let me know what your favs are in the comments below!




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