Good Reads 

Lately, I’ve gotten back into hobbies that I’ve abandoned over the years living here in Mexico. I’m scrapbooking, journaling, and reading again. I have other women to thank for this change of heart, and traveling. Kelly Purkey‘s fresh + minimal way of journaling inspired me to start my own again. Traveling has made me want to put my photos in my hands rather than on my computer. And Hillary Clinton’s loss sparked something in me. A feminist rage, or simply a feeling that I would like to become a stronger, smarter woman. So, I’m reading books written by badass women, for badass women. 

Leslie Knope

Amy Poehler’s Yes Please is a collection of funny and encouraging memoirs, and real life advice that I’ve enjoyed reading lately. My favorite part is titled ‘Say Whatever You Want’, and in it she discusses self esteem, the feelings of being a mother, and knowing she was destined to be in show business.

Another book that I’m reading is The Little Book of Feminism. It explains the history of feminism, and talks about feminist heroines such as Gloria Steinem and Emma Watson.

a great read during flights

Although NYLON is a magazine, it’s one that really gives me real life inspiration. I love the quirky, artsy fashion editorials and beauty recommendations. I also like the women they choose for their covers. Sometimes under the radar actresses, or up-and-coming musicians.

Jan 2017 issue

an inside look

bath bomb lover

These are my favorite things to read right now. What’s yours?


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