Love It Or Leave It: Fishnet Tights

This edgy look is all over Pinterest, but it’s easy to cross the line into tacky territory.


  • Pairing your tights with over the knee boots and a skirt, so just a hint of the tights show.

a perfect fall look

  • Sticking to a dark color palette and minimal accessories so the tights blend in effortlessly.

the leather jacket amps up the look

  • Pairing fishnets with ripped jeans for a fresh way to wear denim.

jeans with a cut out

pair with your best heels to keep the look classy

  • The glam version of this trend: sparkly tights.

cannot handle the sparkles..

  • The sock version if the tights are too much commitment.

that Louis Vuitton bag though..

frayed jeans + fishnets


  • To each their own, but I’m not fond of this look at all. Tacky!

Let me know if you’re going to try this trend out for yourself!

You can buy them here:


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