A Saint Laurent unboxing

When I think of Saint Laurent, the word ‘cool’ immediately comes to mind. Chanel invokes luxurious vibes. Louis Vuitton is classic. However, Saint Laurent is the go-to handbag for girls who like a little edge to their style. Today my husband gifted me my second Saint Laurent handbag. I picked an even smaller size this time. I can’t resist the small bags. They are so chic. 

It comes with its own dust bag, like every nice handbag does. And the black detailing against the white is a contrast I couldn’t say no to! 

The bag can fit a cell phone, credit cards, keys, a lipstick, but probably not much else. It’s perfect for those who don’t carry a lot.  

Also, on a whim, I picked up a silver bracelet that wraps around your wrist twice. I think this style would look really cool stacked with a watch or even another YSL bracelet. 

Let me know if this post persuades you to join Team YSL!


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